Sunday, August 5, 2018

2018th year National "Deshamanya Honorary' State Award for Fathima Zimara Ali

Abdul Carder Rasaak - Seiyath Hameem Moulana Thoobabathu Mahkoomah's family daughter Fathima Zimara Ali (34) who is from Akkurana to awarded the "THESHA KEERTHI' National Government award is awarded to her high social services now who has only been getting the award to the Muslim lady in Sri Lanka.

Fathima Zimara Ali who is born on 1984.03.21 she has been famous for literature world sub named is "OOTHAPPOO" She studied grade - 8 at Fathima Muslim Ladies College - Colombo after she was joining the Madheenah Madhya College Madawala and after that Completed their Degree in Computer Software and also successfully completed AMI Study.

She had been working as a pr-school teacher since 2001 to 2002 after that she had worked as a Assistant manager of Export and Import Company in BMMS and worked in ministry of mass media and rehabilitation at department of information now she has been working as a manager at social service and human rights and she has been living their marriage life with she has five children to lived in Colombo and she called for "VITHTHUFA THEEFAM" Abdul Carder's granddaughter.

She produced as short film, to written a song to CDs, and same as well as India, she was written interestingly with a magazine, newspaper, poem, essays, review, note and announced with TVs Radios.

She published poem book of  "KARAYAI THALUVUM ALAIKAL' last year at AL-Hithaya School hall this was written over twenty years from to fenance to fenance; Chief quest of Rishad Badudeen (honorable minister) was published the book & the programme  held in Ashroff Shihabdeen 's guide line. Guest of honors western provincial Council member honorable Haji.firoos & famous broadcaster BH.Abdul hameed who were present with guest of the events. Famous businessman fowzul hameed got the first edition of copy of the book "KARAYAI THALUVUM ALAIKAL"

Zimara's poems had a special opportunities on radios and continuously, done by school poem & speech competition still they are under thirteen of age still now she got KAVI THTHENRAL" award who won by support with literature field. She sincerely with their mother and husband.

Zimara's thoughts with those student who had gave up their education zimara will find out the students and aid on their education as well as gave up their education on completely zimara must utilized with the education.

Zimara participated with to won the award world Islamic Tamil Literature conferences 2002 & 2016 loved the Job LLB still small age that could not be get still now. that would be done out dreamy she worried still now.

I wish future will gave the chance to miss the victory.