Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Orange Electrics Trains Students in Robotics.

Orange institution has undertaken a programme to train School Students above 06 years of age in Robot Technology. Accordingly, students of the age limit between 6-12 from Northwood Global International School in Borella are under training on how to construct robots.

The students are, by this programme have facilitated to learn on the current world's fast developing robot technology and its constructions.

With regards to this training, the management Director of Orange Electrics Mr.Kushan Kodithtuwakku commented that by this training process, the knowledge of the students could be developed, Just like educational activities, if a chance is given to learn by experience, their talents could be developed. Further, rather than studying the books,learning with their experience and engaging with efficient activities, that would be more better, He said.

The Principal on Norwood Global College Kumari Wickramasinghe said, while giving preferences to teaching activities, preparing and building up a society of students with good moral character is their purpose.

On every Saturday, subjects held on Rebot Technology at Orange electrics innovation Central Centre, are taught by Manoge llankasooriya, the chief and by Indika Kulathunka, the engineer, Research and Development division of Orange Institute.

Through teaching, not only the students are getting technical knowledge but also, knowledge of technical instruments too. In addition to carrying on with teaching process, students are given an opportunity to learn about equipments prehand. Starting form robot technology, the knowledge and necessary computer activities are developed together hand in hand at the same time. Mr.Mnoge llankasooryia further added.

Apart from the robot technology, the Orange research and Development division is carrying on with further training activities to include electrical equipments that are in demand in the market. They are an institution that produce and supply such thing to the market.

The orange Institution is a 100% Sri Lankan. this institute produces more than 200 items. It sells locally and export all electrical spare parts produced by itself. The act taken by Orange Institute to educate and enhance the technical knowledge of students, is something praise worthy.

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