Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to delete all the social media networks from your phone right now.

Internet is a the friend many people in the world who no any doubt that today computer's users have an account in any of social networks. They create many connections through this. According to that Facebook and Twitter are the first. Therefore It is very easy for creating and account. But It is not easy to finish that account. If we think to end that account, we will like to record that what we recorded and our contacts.

Our contacts are in our mind everyday for encouraging us. This enthusiastic is usual for all. Therefor firstly you have to copy your Facebook accounts and record in a text file. Next you can try to cancel the account.

Now a days people use mostly the the facebook, If we want to end the facebook account, we have 2 options. If you want to remove an account in facebook. 

  • You should firstly go to deactivation page. 

  • Now, you will get a message saying that " you won't be able to connect your facebook friends. do you prefer this?" . At the same time you will have to give the real reason to deactivate the facebook account. 
  • Go to deactivate page.There will be a massage " you are unable to contact with your friends, would you like it? also you must to record the reasons for leaving the page of facebook.
  • After finished this, click confirm.
Then your account record will be disappeared Now if we want to contact with your friends through the face you want to create new account and access in that. 
  • To create new you want to log on otherwise, you decide I don't want this facebook account anymore you want to go account removal and click delete  my account.

  • Again it will ask your password and enforce if. After this your account will be two weeks. If you don't make any performance. Otherwise, If you decide to completely remove the account, you should go to account removal page. There, click "Delete my Account" Button then If will be ensured again asking your password.

After this action, your account will be remain for two weeks period. During this Period unless, you get action to reactivate the account, then your account will be expired and removed from facebook.


Another famous social network is twitter. Have you decided to leave from this?

  • Go to twitter account as usual. enter into your account. then click the "wheel icon" appear in the upper right corner of the page. then, another page will appear. then click " Deactivate my Account". 

  • Now  you will get a warning message. It says that your account will be deactivate temporarily and It will remain for thirty days. during that period, If you again need to access that account, then you can login  to the account as usual.

Google Plus

This is a part of google web. this can be completely removed. first go to google web address ( click the Account link which appears in the right corner.

  • You will get three options. If you want to leave this account totally, then click "Delete Profile and remove related google plus features". 
  • Now, you will get some results after clicking the above link. It will say that you won't able to access such addresses in google web.
you can select the services which you don't get, and click "Remove selected Services. If you click" delete you entire google Profile" then you will loose such services including youtube and google adsense account.  

Whilst remove / delete accounts, google filter and ask your options. ensure the deleting option by clicking whilst ensure the deletion option, the password in requested again. you have to ensure & agree the statement, yes i went to delete my account.

In addition to above web sites, there are several social websites used as well such us instagram & Flicker. The link is ,data uploaded and can be removed easily from the above social websites whenever we need.

In order removing / deleting accounts & websites, there is a programe that helps and gives enough facilities to that. we  can download as a free wave from the site 

According to the completing a removing / deleting accounts progress, web site are classified into three group / class, gray list us blacklist. 


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