Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How to get fully approved adsense account for blogspot or website.


Accordingly, it is a free and easy way to collect the money Google adsence. But it is now very hard to get approval. For the reason that there is no proper method for accessing Google refuses to give permission to websites. Moreover, the changes in the needed internal structure of the website will enable us to enjoy the Google adsense account with ease. This article is the result of my five years of experience and the hard work. New ones who wish to enjoy making money over the website can enjoy several benefits indeed.

Google adsense is a tool for making money through website which is designed exclusively for blog and website. Post of uploading the writings, Videos & photos and attracting the readers the earning process is raised. How to get google adsenseapproved account for blog or website in 3 steps.

Before you apply for Google adsense account

There are many steps that  needs to be followed before applying to the Google adsense account. If you do not perfect each and every steps properly, your Google adsense  approval can not be obtained to your blog or website. Ok, now let’s see what we need to do before we start to apply for the Google adsense account.

Verified Account

Before use Google adsense account,  you need to have the Google account. If you already have a Google account you can make use of that otherwise can newly create an another Google account for fee of charge. Gmail -Create your Google Account

Google mail allows to be validates pertaining to the Google adsense and Google’s all other services. After getting the approval Google adsense account, you will get access to enter into the Gmail account. You are advised to create a blog or a website.

In order to apply for Google adsense account one blog or a website should be created. Before trying to get the Google adsense account, minimum six (06) months of early usage for the blog or website accessibility is essential. There will be an increase of chances. ( it is not assured that all six (06) month used websites will get the permission for sure)

Well content publishing

  •  Contents is very important for success of the web uploading and the website.
  • You need to write the original contents of the blog ( it is the step for success in relation to  the adsense) 
  • Before you apply for adsense,  you have to make sure that whether the website has the enough attraction and the real contents. Your website needs the audience. If the number of audience is less then getting the permission is difficult. Therefore, you must have to clearly understand your website.  
  • There are some protocols that you need to accept in selecting the contents.

Are you ready to apply in the Google in the Google adsense? Systematical process of starting the google adsense is shown below. What you are expected to do In the first phase of the Google adsense?

  • First of all see the page which is (google adsense singnup) in order to go inside the Google adsense and use your present email account  to enter in the Google adsense. 

  • You just need to add the full URL of the blog or website in the box named “will show ads on”

  • You are requiring to select the selection box right under the “Contact Language” of your   website. 

  • Then click the “continue” button in the box that says “ You’re agree to abide by google adsense program policies”
  •  Select your location in the list of the box appears.
  •  Select the button “Business” as you like.
  •  You need to give the details of  address, phone number of your organization perfectly.
  • In the end, need to click the button that says “Submit my application”.

Remark: the status of your application will be sent to your Gmail account within 2 or 3 working days. When you enter into your Google adsense account for the first time, you will find the Red bar which indicates that your application is processed.

 After completing the second stage of the Google adsense, you are advised to check your email account which can take 2 or 3 working days to complete your application process.  After the verification of your account, you may receive the result of your application via email. In case your adsense is fully activated, advertisements will automatically pop out. If you see the red bar has disappeared you are now ready to be shown the Advertisements.

The reasons Why disapproval on your adsense applications?

Depend on the reason why your account was disapproval, you can act on or carefully examine. For further details why my application was disapproval? What can I do for resolve this issue?
There are eleven steps you need follow before you make use of the  Google adsense. The following rules are expected to be perfected to use the Google adsense. Minimum age limit is 18 or above only can enjoy Google services. Otherwise, you are not permitted to use the Google adsense.
If you live in the countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippians, Malaysia, Japan, or china there will be definite problems in activating the Google adsense account. But no need to worry still. You barely can follow the protocols and guidance of the privacy policy for google adsense.

Monday, November 20, 2017

How to get google adsense approved account for blog or website in 3 steps.

Of course, the Google Adsense as a free access earn money via blog or website. It is a chance to earn just through by “clicks”, for those who interest as advertisers by means of advertizing in the Google Company. The earnings depend on the contents or posts what your web-site comprise means the reliability and High quality of your posts play important role as well. Even though, many advertizing firms provides platform to advertise, the Google has a unique reality that you can realize and I do agree with it personally. 


It is difficult to gain or create an Adsense account, if you do not maintain the quality and the standard of your contents or posts. Having attention on and maintain the standard of the site is important in order to gain an account without problems. 

Significantly avoid the copy and paste the posts from other’s website, so more standards make more chances. And your web-site should be maintained with at least 35 consistent posts regularly.

You better purchase a recognized and standard Domain for your Blog whether such as .com or .net or .org and which is available in the Google via the following link.  

Be ensuring about the numbers of routine viewers of your website before apply an Adsense account and make attractable your website to pull the viewers towards you. It is appreciated to promote the numbers of viewers of your site but avoid the paid viewers from the other advertising firms and also it is convenient to get Google Adsense with the minimum 100 routine viewers as well. 

There are many websites assist in order to create a Privacy Policy Page for your site and a Privacy Policy page can be annexed with your site by creating a new page.

It is better use plain templates and reduces the excess use of gadget and widgets to diminish the complexities. 

The reliability of your personal data and details such as your full name, address, contact numbers, country code etc which you provide to the Google being examined for verification and your earnings. will be forwarded to your name and bank accounts which you fed to the Google once applying.

Note: The clues and notions have been given above begot through my personal experience only and I hope that you would be able to get enough knowledge and understand about the Google Adsense to utilize and manipulate an Adsense account successfully.  


Step I: It would be able to enter into the Google Adsense Signup site by selecting your existing Google email ID or you need to select the option which asks for new Google email ID. 

Step II: Select the your web-site URL and language of your Posts and  and  select your country or territory

Note: While you select the web-site URL follow the correct way for instance; www.sajithali.com and avoid the following forms;( Sajithali.com and sajithali.com/tamil )

Step III: Before entering the Google Adsense account, click to accept the terms and conditions options.

Next process give your correct payname & Address and verification own phone number. Eventually all most done, add your code to your website given by entering into your account and your code will not be appearing until the Google’s Approved will be completed and the code will appear consistently with the completion of verification. The following images of details would be sent by google to email account.

Note: Hence, I hope that the above web log makes benefit for those who interest with Google Adsense accounts. Please denote your opinions and comments below, if any complexities found in the above web log. And it will give further assistance for new Google Adsense users, if you share in the social media and net works indeed.