Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to increase your blogger traffic.

I write good information in blogger. But there is no traffic what I do?

While your write entries, Articles that include good things. The important things are how to pass into another through the internet. your are not only write blogger but also share that too.

example b blogger style clean template
Social Network's

Nowadays the social networks are act as instance Communication media, Multi communication media in the world. These social networks are called as social networks site with these internet you can share your domain or blog websites to your friends who can in the internet.

Social network's sharing buttons

if you add the button in the Social networks, persons who visit to your web they have chance to share the article and entries with Friends. Through these, many new friends 100% possible to visit your website.

Quality post content

your all write entries are want to quality you should write the each entries that visitor users get the bani-fits from that.  your writing  pattern, quality of your articles easy, condition of the usage these all things if attract the visitors who continuously visit your site.
In your entry that be with the suitable heading according to the content. If the title is very attract and that not appropriate with the content that not batter.

Clean Template

When select the template the best one is clean template. I f Select the template with the dark and un convenient color, that difficult to the web users to read. that may be possible to leave the visitors quickly.

The good  template that easy to open the page with in short period. and  good that avoid the unwanted things. because of these the web page will open quickly. Hence in low internet speed computers, android mobiles, tablet like these instruments your web site will be open very quickly. due to these the numbers of the visitors of your web will be increasing.

example b blogger style clean template

Via Related posts

Some kind of dialog box names as related Wight when add like these boxes. the visitors of the web able to read the article that related to the visitors read article.

For an example. After read of the computer related article that related to the before read one.

Comments on other blog or domain

Like your blogger web others also may be start the web sites. you can enter their web site able to read the article and you can share your true comments.

 You have particular comments boxes in each bloggers to express your comments.

That is the best way to bring the best traffic and also this is very important thing to use the blogger website.

There are many way like these.

Share post via E-mail

You can share post via email to your friends, pointed as brief of your attachment in email who are in your account.

E-Mail Subscription

The email Subscription called as gadget when you add this programme in your blog or domain websites you can increase your viewers.via your have ensure your mail with attachment you can get new entries through your mail.

When you realize the new entries. Your are new entries will receive with their mail as automatically. This is the easy way to check your mail when you click your attachment