Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sammanthurai Technical College: Challenges in making good Future for youth

Sammanthurai, a beautiful city which is surrounded by green paddy field is situated in Ampara District in the Eastern Province.   It’s decorated with more than forty mosques, since the majority of the people of this village are Muslims. The main Occupation of the people of this village is paddy cultivation. And also some of them are engaged in bricks making, inland fishing and small scale industries Paddy is cultivated approximately in 55000 hectares. The Faculty of Applied Sciences is located in this village. The Technical College, Sammanthurai, Vocational Training Center are also established here.

Among the 39 technical colleges, that are coming under Ministry of youth affairs and skills development Sammanthurai Technical College is the previous one. It was established in 1974 by the then Minister of Education late Mr. Badiudeen Mahmood at the request of Late Mr.Abdul Majeed Former Parliamentarian of sammanthurai electorate. It is a golden opportunity for the youth who live in this area.

It functions with the vision of providing manpower to the local and international requirement and it has mission of producing human resource to the competitive job market with the technological skills, efficient and moral attitude in a successful manner.

Youngsters are the back born of every community; they should be put in a correct path to make their living on their own. Technical Colleges can perform this duty well. So, the government has established more and more technical colleges realizing this truth. Youngsters can empower their skills by receiving technical education from these technical colleges; so that they can choose lucrative profession. At the same time these technical colleges provide opportunity to continue internationally recognized higher studies in technology.

Student can follow courses at their convenient time as part time or full time students. The students who follow courses at technical colleges are granted benefactions. They are granted bursary in Monthly basis. They also enjoy facilities in fully-furnishes laboratories and computerized libraries. They are given post training too at the completion of their courses.

Government has allocated an amount of money for infra-structure development of Sammanthurai technical College. Old buildings of the college are renovated and modern learning equipment is purchased with the development fund provided. But the students who follow courses related to information technology face problems due to the shortage of computers.

Though, it has been functioning for more than forty years since its inception, the students who follow IT related courses are frustrated about the  insufficiency of the computers and other facilities. At the same time some other technical colleges that were established in mere few years back, has been functioning smoothly with relevant facilities. As the result of this situation the enrollment of the college is reduced year by year.

The fake attraction of private institutions also another reason for the poor enrollment of the college. The Parents blindly believe that they can give better education to the children from these private colleges. They don’t worry about a large amount of money they have to pay for these private institutions unnecessarily. 

According to the administration, they are unable to conduct various types of new courses due to the shortage of teachers. Hence, the government must take steps to overcome these problems at Sammanthurai Technical College in order to provide more opportunity to the younger generation in the region to make them a bright future, so that the students will be attracted by this college and will avoid going behind private Colleges that provide course at higher rate.   


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