Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Increase Blog Traffic: Search Engines in Blogger - SEO TRICKS

Most of the people are using the free websites of blogger by part of Google  Service. But recently many websites providers the Free blogger service which is increase the Competition between them. The company of blogger also introduce new facilities for their Service and attract their readers . In this status, they introduce new components today. these new facilities mainly created through appear the blogger in search engines best links.

At the first, In the new screen of the dashboard section of blogger, you select the Settings option. in hear you have seen a new facility "Search Preferences" Click it.

Blogger Search Preferences 

The next window open it. They are three divided areas here. those are Mata Tags - Errors & redirection - Crawler and Indexing. We would be looked each of one.


Who they search in your blogger service through the search engines, Their for If you mention your blog address and the small description about your blog it's easy fro readers to know what are the things include in the blog site. then Click Edit button of meta tags.

In the section of Enable Description If you select YES. There is a small box. open there. here you give the blog description In that box.

And click the save changes button. on the bottom of the page.

Here after, your blog search engine appear with this Description.

2. Errors and redirections 
Custom Not Found.

Sometimes If we click the link of incorrect or erased record in our blog, may be observe the thing that "Page not Found" here after, for the replacement of that news you choose to add your favor short briefly information .

First you could be clicked the like of Edit Then you type information on that box. after at the bottom click "Save Changes Button and Store it"

Blogger Search Preferences
Custom redirects.

you maybe wrongly delete the record. but you keep that backup also in your blogger. Then the URL is changed when you  upload and Publish again but for a sample the old URL is shown by the search engine. In that situation it has a facility which help to redirect the readers who they enter in the old address for get in to the new page.

In this section give the old address for component for m and give the new address for URL and keep save it . Then the new page automatically redirect who entered the old page.

3. Crawelers and Indexing.

The Google search engine do the work for in index in lakes of webpages by using the 'rebot' Automatic System through the internet. They index the record by that system here every pages will be update by google in your webpage.

If you think to hide some pages in google (e.g Contact me page). If you give the URL, then it is not shown by google.

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